Klassy K9 & Sassy Kat Resort & Spa
Saturday, January 22, 2022
Where your pets receive the very best care!
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Klassy K-9 & Sassy Kat offers bathing and grooming services designed to provide fantastic yet affordable pet care solutions for your busy lifestyle. We believe you should spend time enjoying your dog and allow us to take care of the bathing and clipping. 
We offer full service pet grooming and bathing experience. Every pet has its own personal bathing and grooming needs and our staff will work with you to assist in your pet's care.  Your beloved pets will go home beautiful, clean, smelling great, and prancing with pride!
Our grooming service includes the following for your pet:
  • Shampooing
  • Conditioning
  • Complete drying and brushing
  • A stylish haircut (if requested)
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Gland care
  • Pet cologne
  • Bows or bandanas

Prices may vary according to pet size and condition of coat.  Special consideration may be given to regular or grooming customers.
Bathing Starts at   Description
Basic Bath $20.00   Small
Beauty Bath $30.00   Shampoo of the client's choice (excluding flea or tick  
  Ear Cleaning (all hair removed from the inside),
  Dried, and Thoroughly Brushed.
Grooming Price  
Shih Tzu Groom $35.00  
Papillion Groom  $35.00  
Yorkie Groom  $35.00  
Lhasa Groom  $45.00  
Silky Groom  $35.00  
Maltese Groom  $35.00  
Pom Groom  $35.00  
Toy/Mini Poodle  $45.00   Includes poodle feet and nail painting.
Toy/Mini Poodle  $35.00   Excludes poodle feet and nail painting.
Schnauzer  $35.00  
Westie $45.00  
Bischon  $45.00  
Spaniels  $45-55  
Larger dogs are welcome and are quoted on sight, based on size and condition of coat. You may call ahead at 205-625-6825 for an estimate.  
Additional Services    
De-Mat or Furminate  $5.00   Starting fee. 
Tooth Brushing  $8.00  
Anal Expression  $5.00  
Toe Nail Painting  $10.00  
Flea & Tick Treatment  $8.00  
Poodle Feet  $10.00  
Nail Clipping     
   Small $5.00  
   Medium/Large $8.00