Klassy K9 & Sassy Kat Resort & Spa
Saturday, January 22, 2022
Where your pets receive the very best care!
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Do I need to send food for my pet to eat?
We recommend that you bring your pet's food.  A change in diet will often upset their stomach.  We also sell Science Diet pet food which can be purchased by the bag.
Should I bring bowls for food and water?
No, unless your pet will not eat or drink from any other bowl.   You should leave them at home.
Do I need to bring a bed for my pet to sleep on?
We provide a bed, but if your pet has a special bed or blanket, you can bring it if you wish.  If you have a small blanket or t-shirt that has your scent on it to put in the kennel with your pet, this somestimes relieves some of the separation anxiety common when pets board. Be sure all items are properly marked with your name so we can try to get it back to you.
Will you socialize my pet with other pets?
Unless you request otherwise, we will socialize your spayed or neutered pet. All socializing will be supervised.
Can I bring my pet's toys and treats?
Yes, you may bring any items of this nature.
How often is my dog taken to potty?
We take the dogs to the play yard a minumum of four times daily: early morning, mid-day, closing time, and bedtime--weather permitting.
What if it gets very cold or very hot.  Are my dogs going to be comfortable?
The kennel is climate controlled and the temperature is kept at a level that all pets should be comfortable. If your pet is cold-natured, you may want to send a jacket or sweater.
Other questions?
Just call us at 205-625-6825.